Monday, 8 December 2014

Week 1 : Random Daily Challenge

Speak to a different stranger (in person) every day

Here's the deal every day for seven days we will try to accomplish this challenge. Thereafter I will blog about my experience in rising to this challenge.



Keep it simple :  hello how are you? Nice day today? Is the train delayed today?

Body language

 Give a disengaging warm smile, take on a calm and cheerful tone.


 : choose somewhere public, train, tube, platform shopping centre

Require response

 : ask a question about something around you? Is this train late? Where do you work

Be funny

 : humour always works, this is where the smile comes in

Body language

: Be aware of his or her body language and yours. Crossing arms, no no, crossing legs, no no , keep hands steady and show interest.

Be sincere

 : you will know how

Tell a story

 : keep it funny, short and relevant

No when to close

"have a nice day" "It was nice talking to you", always smile, and breath

When you post : tell me where you rose to the challenge. Talk about your failures as well as victories. Remember failures are not failures, they are learning curves.

This is December's challenge.

Let me know what you think about this challenge?

Failure is not an Option!

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