Saturday, 8 November 2014

Presentation challenge

Naked man in audience

I have always been apprehensive about public speaking. Dry lips, fast beating heart, sweaty palms. All have these ailments affected me. during a presentation.  It began after a not too successful  presentation at University. I ended up 5 minutes into the presentation with slides upside down on the projector. Yes we used projectors in those days.
Today I have to host a 2 hour workshop. It is on a subject matter I understand so how bad can it be. Today's daily challenge.


I have a dream

I have been working on the initiative at work for the past three months. Sitting on the train into Cannon Street London on a rainy day , watching the rain drops  on the window, clasping my rucksack I smile nervously at the lady sat in front of me. Could she tell I was especially nervous today. I have always aspired to gain confidence in front of an audience. Practice, practice,  practice they say. My presentation is at 2pm so I will have to get my lines straight.  Looking at my reflection in the window, I am sure I look more haggard than usual. Is this all in my head.?  I remember back to the best speech ever written and delivered :-
 "I have a Dream" Martin Luther King.  Looking for that inspiration and energy today for this challenge. 

Breath out

The workshop started off nervy. Two hors before I was contemplating cancelling it as my wing man was working from home and would not bee present in person. My senior manager however would be. The idea I was pitching was not ground breaking, in fact it was over due however convincing the old guard in a Banking institution of a new ideology still amounts breaking a World record. 
It started off nervy I was saying and after 5 minutes I just laid down my notes, raised my arms and let what I wanted to say flow from my heart. Hand gestures and somewhat emotive language was employed however this is my style and one has to stick to form. It is the only way energy can flow from my body in a presentation. Prepare , prepare , prepare then be prepared to deviate off  and wing it.
It went well and I felt exhilarated after. Now to write up the minutes and to plan next week second workshop.

Your Comments

Have you presented lately?
What are your tips for a prefect pitch?
How do you cope with fear of the stage? 


Public speaking events this week 

City of London Toastmasters could be the place for you!!

City of London Toastmasters (or City Speakers for short), is part of Toastmasters International; an organisation dedicated to improving people’s public speaking skills and dispelling those nerves everyone experiences as a public speaker.
We do this through a well-established process of practice and feedback. The Toastmasters organisation has been running since 1924 and the methods we use have been tweaked and perfected since it’s inception to create a program of public speaking that works!

Event on November 18, 2014
Regular Meeting
Starts: 6:45 pm, November 18, 2014
Ends: 9:00 pm
Location: St Botolph's Church, Aldgate High Street, London EC3N 1AB
Description: Regular meeting with table topics and prepared speeches. Post meeting drinks in Hoop & Grapes on Aldgate High Street.
 Have you been to a toastmasters either in the US or London England?
Your experiences?
Were you nervous?
I am thinking of returning to the Aldgate branch November 18th.

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