Saturday, 8 November 2014

Travel Challenge


Three years without a holiday

Until I went to Berlin with my amazing Ex I had not been on holiday for three years.
Simply put :- This will change as of today. My Ex is now in Goa and I need to build my self confidence and learn to kick back and explore the world around me. September was Berlin. Next trip planned is New Year. I am going to Barcelona


My girlfriend and I stayed four nights in Berlin from September 11th to September 15th.
We left my apartment in South East London at 6am for an 8 am flight from Gatwick London.
Arriving at Berlin Schonfeld Flughafen (airport) we quickly made friends with an English couple who by total chance were staying at our same hotel. We were first staying at a hostel for the first night then the Raddison Blu Berlin for the next three nights. We found a great three night package which meant that it worked out cheaper to stay an extra night in an hostel than to stay for three nights.

Big fish tank

Our hotel has the biggest indoor aquarium in Europe situated in its foyer. Our rooms faced it. Below is a picture taken from our hotel bedroom facing the aquarium.
Hotel Bedroom

So first day was sent on a roof top bus touring the city. We took in all the usual sites such as Check Point Charlie and the Jewish Memorial together with all the famous roads and streets.
Check Point Charlie

The second day we  were a bit bleary eyed due to lack of sleep. Why? Our floor was occupied by 16 year old Germans on a school trip. Door slamming and general teenage behaviour, bless them.

We enjoyed the hotel sauna and swimming pool and then the Reichstag prearranged visit took place in thee evening.
German Parliament (Reichstag )

The interior of the reichtag and its great architecture. 
The third day was spent visiting the famous Berlin zoo. My girlfriend's main highlight :-).
I believe the elephants below were taking a dump.
Berlin zoo

We spent a lot of hours visiting a variety of museums and venues. Highlights were evening chillout sessions at various trendy bars. Love Berlin. Love that television tower which we had lunch in before we left Berlin. 
We will be returning.
Berlin television tower

Oh there she is again. Cutie.

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Next Travel Destination Barcelona (New Years Eve)


New Year’s Eve in Barcelona


When New Year’s Eve rolls around, few places are better suited to celebration than one of Spain’s most exciting cities, Barcelona. A thriving, bustling metropolis brimming with some of the world’s finest art, architecture and attractions, where could be better than Barcelona to welcome the year ahead? You can spend your days exploring the city’s best-loved attractions, sampling a range of activities or simply lazing outside cosmopolitan cafes; when the evening finally arrives on the 31st December, you’ll have a huge range of options open to you!
Celebrate on the streets with the city’s locals, or head down to the beach for an all-night party on the shore. Sit in and enjoy a cosy, private meal, or dance till sunrise in a hip, Spanish nightclub. Whatever you want to do on New Year’s Eve, Barcelona has it covered; and wherever you’d like to stay, HomeAway has the property to suit. What could be better than having extra privacy and space while staying in Spain’s capital of culture? From chic apartments in Barcelona to large villas on its outskirts, we have your perfect home from home. Simply read on for a rundown of our favourite areas.

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Suggestions of what I should do in the four nights I will spend in Barcelona

 Things to do tips
Places to go tips.

Top 10 New Years Eves parties



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